About Us

Alt started with the idea of access! We want technology to be an enabler of Success for Businesses of all Sizes.

What We're All About

Cause of Our founding beliefs Alt does not restrict access to features on the basis of plans no matter what size Your Business You are as important if not more to us as the Business is to You!

Learn Something Every Day

In our numerous interactions with Businesses across various industries, everyday we learn something new from You and try to reflect that in what Alt offers, We succeed if You do!

Manbir Singh Labana
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

When Alt was born we thought with our background in hospitality and tech and all the research we had a product that would be useful to people, but it wasn’t ready!

Over the next 3 years we chose to run a business in India also and use Alt in it and we learned a lot. This led us to a journey of fine tuning Alt for 3 years and then deploying it with more Businesses

Alt was and is still not completely ready and would never be we continuously are working  to make it better and grow it with valuable knowledge form our adopters.